Welcome to the city of sun!

City tour, your armchair excursion!

A unique and fun one-hour tour to visit the spectacular and characteristics sities that make Cagliari one of the most beautyful and welcoming cities in the mediterranean.

From the comfort of your seat, you will see the monuments and natural and architettural delights of the city from a different perspective, thanks to the unusual shape and size of yhe bus that can even drive throught tha walls and in to the acient city.

Each seat is fitted with highly tecnological and multilingual audio system that will accompany you during your guided visit.

Throught the headphones, you will be informed all about the history and origins of the city’s most important historical, cultural and social sites with details of its museums, architecture, art and shopping.

This is particularly interesting itinerary that will introduce you to and help you discover the ancient and more recent history of this delightful Mediterranean capital